Cloud and IT Managed Services

The speed of digital transformation is accelerating. To help you stay in the forefront, you need flexible, scalable technology solutions that don’t strain your IT department or drain your budget. Cloudsilicon offers a mix of traditional and cloud technologies, combined with network connectivity, security and management to help transform your IT and future-proof your business. We handle silently and effortlessly your workstations, servers, datacenters, cloud services- including those on Azure, AWS, Private Cloud and Hosting, business support services such as Office 365, auxiliary critical services such as accounting and HR systems, as well as your networks, firewalls, business internet with failover, business continuity solutions (backups) and office professional phone and conference systems.


  1. Simplify and Optimize IT Operations at a lower predictable monthly cost.

  2. Keep your focus on innovating and running your business with revenue generating activities.

  3. Deliver better business results at a lower cost and make your IT investment work for you.

  4. Shorten your time to market with innovative collaboration that is seamless and intuitive.

  5. Keep your business safe- nothing is more disruptive to your business than a breach in your IT defences.

What are your biggest hybrid IT challenges?

A customized hybrid IT solution can help solve your business challenges - from freeing up your IT resources to focus on innovation, to reducing the time and costs of IT maintenance and ensuring the safety and security of your data.

A cloud strategy is important, however there are legal and administrative issues to consider for your industry before you make such a move. Let Cloudsilicon work with you to determine the optimal pathway to hybrid IT success that maximizes your investment and aligns with your IT strategy and fulfills compliance directives.

Don’t let Managing your IT hold you back. If the following describes your situation, perhaps it is time to give us a call.

  • It’s hard to keep up with new applications, constant updates, and large volumes of data

  • You’re in reactive mode and spending too much time and resources on managing IT

  • You have no time to focus on other business priorities

  • You know you need to transform your IT to innovate, but it’s a daunting undertaking

According to IDC, 75% of the average company budget is spent on providing essential IT services, maintenance, and support. Not only is maintaining core IT functions expensive, it is also time-consuming and resource-intensive. Compounding the issue is the fact that Canadian companies have a hard time filling IT positions with highly-skilled workers, as the IT skills gap continues to be a concern. In 2016, the IT skills gap in Canada was 54,000, encompassing key areas of IT operations, security, and programming.

Leverage Cloudsilicon’s team of expert technicians and engineers, local and remote, to deliver on these projects on time and budget. Call us at 1-888-266-5334 and speak with us, or reserve available time on ours and your schedule using the link below.