Protect your organization from Cyberattacks like DDoS, Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Ransomware.


Cloudsilicon delivers a next generation multi-layered approach to cybersecurity, protecting physical, virtual and cloud environments, backed by a world class security operations center.


360° Protection

The leading Malware detection engines have detection rates of over 97%. Combine two separate engines and the automated detection rate increases to over 99%. While this might seem perfect, it really is not. With over 350,000 new malware variants seen daily, we need to use tunable threat-dependent technologies and sandboxing to ensure your organization stays as safe as possible.

Latent threat detection


Attacks on organizations of value often have a more sinister motive than simply quick money. It could be driven by the competition, for client data, or even for strategic advantages by state actors. These attacks are often silent, lasting months, until detected. They defeat all traditional AV defences as they are designed to do just that. Cloudsilicon uses innovative technologies to uncover these attack vectors.


Human intelligence must complement machine learning and AI driven predictive threat detection. Alerts based on unusual behavior patterns are flagged by the Rapid response security ops center-such as requests for information from unusual data sources within the organization. Flagged alerts are verified by a team to ensure data security and integrity. A RR-SOC team helps address these issues quickly.


Cloudsilicon delivers the power of a Network Operations Center (NOC) and an advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) with intelligent systems and processes to silently monitor, secure and support your organization. Depending on your organizational requirements, we formulate a customized plan of action. Our clients include software companies, engineering firms, financial organizations, automotive companies, municipalities, educational organizations, non-profits and logistical companies.


“We experienced a security event just before our busiest season last year. CloudSilicon helped us secure our network and protect our data. Their silent monitoring and extensive NOC support won us over.” - Tammy Delmonte, Vision Corp.